The Farm hosts 110 local children this fall on three separate days!


Kindergarten children from Hess School.












St. Andrew’s First Graders


The children worked on paper projects, a chrysalis hunt, plant identification and had lunch under the pavilion.  There were 11 farm volunteers and 110 children on the three days plus lots of parents  and teachers.  Special thanks to Farmer Jane for organizing and our farmer volunteers.  We couldn’t do it without you!



Pine Straw Delivery 2019

Thanks to all of the farmer volunteers who helped with our annual pine straw delivery on Monday, especially Farmer Jane, who coordinated the event, and Farmer Louis, who made multiple trips to our pine straw vendor with his pickup to transport all 150 bales to farm!  Our pathways are now refreshed and ready for a productive fall garden season!

Skidaway Farms Board Meeting Minutes 9/26/19

Present: Susan Burns, Karen Burroughs, Monica Hughes, Jane Kollman, Tom Rosen, Joe Tyson

Absent: Michael Kahn, Ralph Hinz

Introductions and Welcome: Tom Rosen was introduced as our new treasurer and a motion was made by MH to install him as the Farm’s acting provisional treasurer until the spring elections, seconded by KB, unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report: Tom reported that we will have a shortfall this year of $1300 because of plots not being rented. We need to rent 13 plots and 10 plots are ready to go. Tom also has some feelers out for someone to serve as a marketing person for the Farm. Susan is willing to help the marketing effort.

Farm Bell: Karen is donating her family’s farm bell to the Farm and the plan is to install it this winter with the possible help of the barn builders. Karen and her husband installed two new birdhouses and will fix the ones that need new latches.

Weather Station: Rick Cunningham reported that the Audubon Club will continue to pay costs associated with the Farm’s weather station.

Farm Visits: Jane reported that there will be a visit to the Farm by The Garden Club on 10/7 at 10:30 and that the Hess school kindergarten class will visit on two days, 11/7 and 11/8 from 9 -12:30. Volunteers will be needed the days the school children are here and a blast will be sent by Monica.

Plot Rental Increase: Discussion re plot rental and the need for increased revenue. Plot prices have not been raised since Farm’s beginnings. JK made a motion to raise plot rental fee to $125. for a 10 by 20 plot and $175. for a raised bed to begin January 1, seconded by MH and unanimously passed. A notice will be sent out to the Farmers notifying them of the increase by MH.

ByLaws: MH will amend the bylaws to reflect JK’s role as VP and the duties of the VP which are to assume the role of president in his absence and to be the general manager of the day to day operations of the Farm.

Next Meeting: October 23 at 1:00 pm

Skidaway Farm Board Meeting Minutes: 7/24/2019

Skidaway Farms Board Meeting Minutes: July 24, 2019

Present: Susan Burns, Karen Burroughs, Ron Dillard, Linny Dillard, Ralph Hinz, Monica Hughes, Jane Kollman, Joe Tyson

Absent: Michael Kahn

Raised Beds: R Hinz presented information on the cost of raised beds using lumber and using concrete blocks.  The costs were about equal for both but the resilience of the concrete was noted.  There may be the possibility of having Bethesda Barn Builders, a volunteer organization, build the wooden raised beds and J Kollman will get in touch with Ed Case, her contact with this organization, when she returns from vacation  This would defray the labor cost substantially.  Tabled until September meeting when we have this information.

Maintenance: Blue Bird houses are in poor condition and need to be replaced.  K Burroughs will request the Landings woodworker’s club to make 5 – 10 more bird houses as they are making some for Audubon.

Farm Bell: K Burroughs requested that her family farm bell be relocated from her garage to be hung at the farm.  The board unanimously approved this and will look for a way to secure the bell and a good location for it.

Treasurers Report: R Dillard reported and emailed copies of the June Balance Sheet, June Income Statement, Accounts Receivable Report, and Farm Plat. Our cash position remains solid.  Renewed our General Liability, Directors & Officers, and Accident Insurance policies this week for $1356.00 which was the same premium we paid last year.  Our property casualty policy doesn’t renew until later this year. One of our CD’s matures in August which will be renewed.

Survey: Farm survey was reviewed and discussed.  There were the usual complaints about weeds encroaching on farmer’s plots as well as uneven water distribution from the over head sprinklers.  Both are constant problems that farmers need to address by keeping their farms tidy and reporting any nearby plots that have encroaching weed problems.  Watering system is checked in entirety every spring and when there are new seedlings or very hot weather plots may require more water than the overhead sprinklers provide.  Discussion about raising garden plot fee by $25 ensued with a decision made to check finances again in October before any decision is made.  

Meeting was adjourned.

No meeting will be held in August.

Next meeting will be Thursday, September 26, 2019

Skidaway Farms Spring Festival



Register Now:

A delightful Dinner In The Garden – no need to login – just click the “Register Now” button

The 2019 Skidaway Farms Spring Festival

Come join us for an evening of great food and fun and show your support for Skidaway Farms

Dinner in the garden at Skidaway Farms

Wednesday, May 1, 4:30 – 7:30 

The menu will be designed and managed by our two favorite Farmer/Chefs,

Tom Rosen and Joe Tyson

and the Skidaway Island Men’s Gourmet Group

Bring Your Own Beverages (water will be provided)

Seating is limited to 125, so get your tickets now. To purchase, just click the “Register Now” button (top right or bottom left).

A portion of your ticket price will be a tax deductible contribution to support farm educational projects. We will celebrate our spring /summer gardens and enjoy another successful garden season. 

See you at the Farm! 


Wednesday, May 1st, 2019, 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM


Skidaway Farms
McWhorter Rd
Savannah, GA 31411
United States

Tickets and Donations:

Individuals $ 35.00
Couple $ 70.00
Family $ 90.00
Register Now

Board Meeting Minutes 11/19/19

Skidaway Farms Board Meeting Minutes: 11/19/19

Present: Susan Burns, Monica Hughes, Ralph Hinz, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Tom Rosen

Absent: Joe Tyson, Karen Burroughs

Treasurer’s Report: Tom Rosen reported on the e-mailed Income statements for the farm for September and October. Also reported that the income from our increased plot fees would yield at least $2000 more in our projected 2020 budget.  Maintenance costs have remained stable through 2019. Tom is studying the current depreciation schedule and will present some recommendations to the board at our next meeting in January regarding the depreciation schedule vis a vis ongoing maintenance expenses.

Maintenance: Ralph reported on the need for hose ball valves that will prevent leakage from our hose bibs.  The price of the hose ball valves cost $3 apiece and Ralph will install on 65 hose bibs.  Jane K made a motion to have the ball joints purchased and installed, seconded by Michael K and passed unanimously.

Gravel vs pine straw discussion with approximate costs for both assessed. The board decided that the farm will continue to install pine straw on an annual basis.

Work party that was scheduled and canceled last weekend due to rain will be rescheduled in the spring when weather is warmer.

New Business: possible visit in January of prospective marketing people.  Review of current flyer.  Discussion of the pros and cons of opening up the farm to those outside of Skidaway Island.  

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 1/7/20 at 1pm 

Farm Board Minutes 10/23/19

Skidaway Farms Board Meeting Minutes: 10/23/19        


 Susan Burns, Karen Burroughs, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Tom Rosen, Joe Tyson


Ralph Hinz

Treasurers Report:

Tom reported that there were three new plots rented. New rental fees will take place January 1st to $125. and $175. $13,000 per year income from rental fees, $6,000: fixed expenses.


Pine straw will be delivered  on Monday, October 28th. MH will send a reminder work party blast.

Ball valves to be installed on all hose bib risers to cut off water in case of leaking faucets until repairs can be made. Wait for Ralph’s return to vote so all questions can be answered and cost reviewed.

Farm Visits:

 Jane reported that  the Hess school kindergarten class will visit on two days, 11/7 and 11/8 from 9 -12:30. The St Andrew’s children’s annual visit is scheduled as well. Volunteers are available for all days and Jane will organize and train.

New Business: 

Study of the cost effectiveness and aesthetic considerations of annual pine straw expenditure vs permanent gravel installation will be reviewed by the board

Next Meeting: 

Tuesday, 11/19/19 at 1 pm at the Farm unless changed due to weather.

Pine Straw Delivery 2019

Thanks to all of the farmer volunteers who helped with our annual pine straw delivery on Monday, especially Farmer Jane, who coordinated the event, and Farmer Louis, who made multiple trips to our pine straw vendor with his pickup to transport all 150 bales to farm!  Our pathways are now refreshed and ready for a productive fall garden season!

Minutes May 22, 2019



MAY 22, 2019

Present: M Kahn, J Kollmann, R Dillard, L Dillard, R Hinz, K Burroughs M Hughes
Absent: J Tyson, S Burns

1) Review of Bylaws, discussion re officers, terms and duties of officers
 Bylaws amended: Vice President/Farm Manager added, term voted to be 2 years,
Motion per J Kollmann, 2nd per M Kahn, approved by Board with 1 Nay
Added duties of Vice President/Farm Manager, Motion per R Dillard, 2nd per K Burroughs, unanimously approved.

2) Election of Officers:
J Kollmann elected to Vice President, motion per R Dillard, 2nd per M Hughes, unanimously approved.
M Hughes elected to position of Secretary, motion per L Dillard, 2nd per R Dillard, unanimously approved.

3) Treasurers Report: Current Assets:
Checking: $20,233.04,
CD, Live Oak Bank, 1) $20,105.06, 2) $9,000
All but one outstanding account have been received
Net $3600 from Spring Festival, $405 from raffle
T Rosen generously donated $$ for the food, Written thank you to be sent per M Hughes.

4) Solarization policy:
Motion to charge $ half years rent if plot turned in and needs solarization in addition to the cleanup fee, motion per J Kollmann, 2nd per R Dillard, unanimously approved.
Terms: $50 for 10x 20 plot, $75 for Raised bed, rental form will be updated to reflect the change.

5) Raised bed addition:  R Hinz will research cost for materials and labor.

6) Plot Markers: not cost effective, Ralph has made a plot map to hang in Pavilion to reflect the section/ number

7) Message Board /comment cards: Discussion re need or not, decided to continue with message boards at front and rear entrance of the farm.  No need for comment cards as most needs are communicated to J Kollmann either at the farm or via email.

8) Marketing Update: L Dillard has an idea for a large fundraiser for the fall, details to follow.

9) Thank you baskets, per L Dillard,  basket will be prepared for L Lewis first, then for Jerry at the Twatl.  Motion to prepare baskets per L Dillard, 2nd per R Dillard, unanimously approved .

10) Survey Review: tabled until next meeting, each Board member will review and report what they think might be a needed change, will be discussed at next Board meeting.

Motion to adjourn per J Kollmann, 2nd per L Dillard

Next meeting July 24, 4 pm @ the farm

Annual Board Meeting Minutes, April 17, 2019

Present: M Kahn, J Kollmann, M Hughes, J Tyson
Absent: R Hinz, L Dillard, R Dillard, K Burroughs, S Burns

This was our annual meeting and about 20 farmers attended.  Introductions were made and farmers were asked how they heard about the farm. The farmers who attended also participated in the discussion of marketing ideas the board could utilize to attract more farmers.

1) Festival Update per T Rosen:
Menu is set, 3 protein dishes, 3 sides, 2 desserts, will provide ice and water.
Jane will order tables and chairs for 4/30, pickup 5/2, will get needed dinner supplies.
Monica will send blast to Farmers for volunteers on 5/1 starting at 10:00 for table setup and flower arrangement.
Linny will have table for 50/50 raffle, Ron will man the admission table.
Tom Kollmann will direct parking.
All hands on deck by 3:30.

2)  Newly elected Board :
Karen Burroughs, Joe Tyson, Jane Kollmann 3 yr term
Susan Burns, 1 yr term with roll over to 2020 election. 

3) Survey discussion among Farmers at the meeting, M Kahn updated group on depreciation of assets, noting 57% of plots are rented therefore farm revenues have declined. Farmers were asked for suggestions on how to raise revenues and cut costs.
Suggestions are as follows:
 Increase rental fee on raised beds,
 Place plot rental availability in Twatl using free monthly add
 Getting more Landings residents to the farm by:
  a) having a produce giveaway gathering an evening/month
  b) having a farm booth at the Health Club Health Fair
  c) farm open house
  d) farm on garden tour in 2020
  e) increase number of raised beds, Blake will contact Duke for cost
  f) discussion of increasing plot rental fee, to be added to farm satisfaction survey
  g) Farm Facebook page, Instagram page

4) Farm repairs, light on electric fence lamppost needs to be replaced, Jane will find volunteer to help with this.  Also message boards needing repairs, Jane will contact Barn Builders to help with this.

5) Irrigation update:  all raised bed filters cleaned by soaking in soapy/bleach solution per Jane, all in good working order.  Jane will contact all raised bed farmers to let them know how to maintain filters so Irrigation is in good working condition.

6) Solution for lost revenues on plots needing solarization: if plot is cleared and has gone to seed, Farmer will lose weed deposit.

7) Veggie baskets:  decided to wait until May when more produce is available

8) Treasurers Report, added per email of 4/18:
Balance sheet: Checking $16,197 which has grown to $18,000 plus month of April to date. Motion to move $12,000 to short term interest bearing account per M Kahn, second per J Kollmann, unanimously approved. The $$ will remain in this account until needed for operating expenses.
$50 Board credit on plot rental donated to farm per L Dillard. Item should be addressed at next meeting , this is not sanctioned in current bylaws, should cease practice or amend bylaws. Also needing discussion is length of terms of the officers which isn’t addressed in the bylaws.
Past due statements sent to farmers in 31-90 day category, and also to 1-30 category. F/U per phone if payments not received.  
Festival update: 132 participants registered, R Dillard offered to man the registration table.  

9) Other business:  M Hughes will put together a cell phone # list to improve communication among the Board members.

Next meeting, May 22, 4:00 pm at the Farm

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